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Aberdeen, Arkansas was destroyed during the American Civil War. Aberdeen, Montana was home to the ranching Gibb family from the North-East of Scotland.

Aberdeen City in Bingham County, Idaho has a population of over 2000 and sits on the world's largest aquifer.

There are many floating seafood restaurants in the harbour, eg the Jumbo Floating Restaurant. - Now available for all formats including i OS, Android and desktop.

The town of Aberdeen can be found in South Africa in the Camdeboo Mountains.

Those who settled in Aberdeen New Jersey developed into the Lenni Lenape Native Americans and an agricultural society was created.

Aberdeen Harbour is situated at the south side of the Island of Hong Kong.

It was originally named Blue's Crossing but was renamed by Scottish emigrants in the 1700s.

The famous Pinehurst Golf Course is only 2 miles away.

It is often visited by tourists and well known for the boat people who live in the harbour.Aberdeen, Harford County in Maryland, USA was named by its first train stationmaster Mr Winston. APG is headquarters of the United States Army Test and Evaluation Command (TECOM) and uses over 72,500 acres in Harford County. It is located on the banks of the Tombigbee River and was a busy port, especially in the trade of cotton. Many of the buildings, especially the antebellum homes, are the National Register of Historic Places.Aberdeen South Dakota in the county seat of Brown County, USA, was founded in 1880. It has many attractions which include Wylie Park and Zoo and Storybook Land which is a bit similar to Storybook Glen. The most famous building is The Magnolias which dates back to 1850.Aberdeen Washington in Grays Harbor County, Washington State, USA was founded by early settler Samuel Benn in 1884. It has two nicknames: The Gateway to the Olympic Peninsula and The Birthplace of Grunge.The later got its name from Kurt Cobain who was born here.This is the first in the series of Grey and Scarlet Novels by me, CG Buswell, and each book will feature a well known Aberdeen ghost and Aberdeenshire area as well as modern Scottish Infantry in action. Aberdeen has two rivers - the Dee and the Don and the North East is on the bay of the North Sea.


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