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Like a dark and twisted ego trip for men that overestimate their masculinity. Let’s set the record straight first though: – There ARE dozens of guys inside the pick up community, seduction community or whatever you want to call it, that are genuinely looking for help. while I have 200 blog posts with high quality dating advice. They’re faggy nobody’s that have been coaching men for many years now and suddenly think they’re God who invented anything any other dating coach will ever do (hello Ross Jeffries! The seduction community is pissing me off right now. This is me telling you that I’m sick of average guys being taken advantage of. Banned from forums for having an opinion that challenges that of a dating guru. Are you ready to go back to the future without the lame flying car or professor? Because no one can realistically claim to be a dating guru after trying some techniques for meeting women, succeeding, and losing their virginity because of it. and the rest of them simply don’t have the heart for it. Here it is: winning 1 contest in your career doesn’t make you get the Olympic medal, champ. – There ARE several dating gurus that care about the lives of regular guys such as yourself. But the only reason I’m giving a compliment or two before I tell you what the future of pick up will be… Is because it confuses a whole bunch of faggy, pathetic nobody’s that always complain and say I only hate… I’ll tell you why in a second, because I first want to say: This is me telling anyone IN the seduction community, or anyone thinking about joining it, that the community will come to a grinding halt because of everything that’s happening. Then, an army of virgin gurus will try to sue everyone who calls them out for being fake. I can count the number of seduction community people I’ve met that are truly persistent on two fingers: me and …“There can be a tendency to want to keep on the lookout for something better, but a kind of supermarket mentality is not conducive to the gradual blossoming of love.” Love takes time to grow - and it also demands the courage to open up (even gradually) to another person.Long ago a thing called the seduction community, a.k.a. So here’s what insiders claim is the definition of seduction community… These guys have chosen to come together on forums, blogs, websites, and in real life to figure out this stuff for themselves because “normal” people around them laugh at them or simply don’t know how to help them when they say they want to learn about how to pick up women.” The first time around? It sounds like a group of people who are trying to improve their lives in a positive and major way. That’s like Pepsi trying to beat Coca Cola with a silly ass clown with a drinking problem: Funny! You know which seduction community sucker I’m talking about,? Can’t remember who she works for, but he sucks too. Perhaps to the guys who never had sex or to those who have spider webs hanging from their schlongs because of inactivity. Or a donkey with supposedly amazing clit licking skills that is promoted by Real Social Dynamics as “THE” guru of how to please your girlfriend in bed? About raising your confidence through the roof, meeting girls anywhere & anytime, creating raw sexual attraction, and more?Just firing off a quick message to 50 of your recommended partners is not, however, the route to take.It is important to narrow things down a little first, but a woman should first of all have a careful think about the kind of man she really wants.What will make you really stand out from all those other high-achieving women on Parship?Maybe you would even do better to say that you like the idea of taking a leisurely cookery course in Tuscany because at the moment you find yourself eating far too many ready meals from the late-night supermarket!

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Meanwhile, women who see that have serious doubts about whether a guy’s homosexual or not. It sickens me to hear that random loser A is trying to coach other people inside the seduction community now, because he went to The Real Man Conference or the Under 21 Convention once.Eric Hegmann points out that high-powered women often think “It’s got be love at first sight or it’s not worth bothering with”, but that can put you on the wrong track.It is a good idea to maintain contact with several men at one time, but you shouldn’t reject possibilities too readily. You probably already know what the seduction community is, but then again, you may not. And saying you’re a guru now doesn’t make you famous or rich or anything else. You see, they got this idea into their head that they should be different from the competition. Invent a gimmick and think that’s being truly different from the competition. You’re the BP that hires a chick with big tits to boost public opinion by revealing a nipple or two every now and then: A worthless marketing stunt that is doomed to fail. A midget (hired by Bad Boy or whatever) that attracts attention, because he’s a midget who claims to be a bad ass with women? Now it makes perfect sense to me why guys who asked for your advice before and now ask me for some insights are so paranoid because: – They’ve been ruined with theories instead of advice that works in real life – They’ve been scammed out of their money, realized it, and never got their money back – They’ve been bombarded with one marketing stunts after another, instead of stuff that works That’s why I’m writing this blog post as we speak: to stand up for the average guy that got mocked or played around with by a seduction community that cares too much about money, ego’s, and terminology… And you can bet your ass that I’m far from done when it comes to exposing the deception AND the “Decepticons” (the liars). To More Dating Success, Carlos Xuma Win With Women P. Want more free tips about what I\'ve talked about today? Look, if you’re a guy who’s been looking for dating advice for a while now? And the list of BS that’s going inside the seduction community goes on and on… It doesn’t give you the right to tell other dudes what to do. It’s incredibly amusing for me to see how insanely pathetic some wannabes in this seduction community are. Do you guys really have nothing better to do than to bash on each other, on dating gurus like me and others who ARE doing a good job, and on the world as a whole? What follows is an accurate description of you: 16 (or 60) years old, still a virgin, and with braces, a face full of pimples, and a life that can be summed up as… I say: it’s time for us good people to take out the trash! And to all those who feel offended by this blog post: what are you going to do about it? To all the rest: I hope this blog post opened your eyes about what’s really going on inside the seduction community.But that doesn’t mean you should make a point of telling him in your emails or over a drink what a big deal you have just pulled off, what a high-powered meeting you have just attended in Beijing, or what kind of smart car you are going to buy yourself as a reward.


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