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A teenager may be angry with a parent who blocks the way to seeing an expectation realized.A spouse can become resentful and angry with his or her partner who stands in the way of a dream coming true.He told me that he had asked each one to give him a brief account of their most recent major conflict. All but one were in conflict with their Board of elders. I found this remarkable because that very Wednesday morning I had devoted a major part of my class time insisting that students in my class would never officiate at a wedding without first conducting a premarriage course, preparing a couple for marriage. A primary function of pre-marriage counselling and planning is to adjust unrealistic expectations and express assumed expectations so that the couple can commit themselves to agreed-upon realistic expectations. We are not doing well when it comes to Managing Expectations.When expectations are poorly managed, four negative emotions emerge, any one of which can be destructive in any relationship.Great Hawaii Vacations is more than a travel agency that coordinates travel arrangements.

When the expectations of your partner, your friend, your colleague, your child are simply lost, ignored or forgotten in the busyness and frenzy of your life, there is sadness and a feeling of being unappreciated. You may feel this way when you are uncertain of what exactly someone’s expectations are.

Two of these emotions, anger and sadness may be the feeling of the person whose expectations are not being fulfilled; you or your spouse, your pastor, your colleague, or any person with whom you have a relationship where their expectations are poorly managed.

The other two emotions, anxiety and shame, may be the feelings of the person who is trying to meet the expectations of another individual.

In either case these feelings can erode and corrupt any relationship. They won’t talk, They say, if you really cared, you would know! You find yourself saying, “What does he/she really want?

” “They give me a job but never tell me what they expect.


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