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The body took lenses with a 42mm Pentax/Praktica screw thread, giving a huge range of alternatives.The system became the workhorse of many professionals of the period.Those Two Guys may acquire this label, as may the title characters of .Don't expect them to be friendly to each other, though; quite a few are Vitriolic Best Buds.The Spotmatic SP F, launched in 1973, included several improvements.It was the first version to offer open-aperture metering, but this needed the updated Super-Multi-Coated (S-M-C) Takumar lenses with an aperture-position linkage to the camera.Virtually identical to the SP II, but with an "electric eye" introduced to support the Honeywell line of dedicated flashes.

They aren't romantically linked, but they might suffer withdrawals from not being around each other.

The light meter operates only when the shutter button is pressed and only in auto mode and the meter needle now indicates the auto shutter speed.

Open-aperture metering with the S-M-C and SMC Takumar lenses, as for the SP F, is maintained.

The power supply is now four modern 1.5v alkaline or silver oxide cells.

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