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He also has 20 years of experience as a team leader in the healthcare industry."I was a pioneer in organizing work processes for my clients in ways that made more sense while saving costs at the same time," he says with a thin smile.The agreement will not eliminate all orthographic differences, but it will move towards a 98% standardisation, particularly between Brazil and Portugal.The new Agreement means that all documentation written in Portuguese must comply by the new spelling rules going forward.More than 10 percent of the clients busy headhunter Fonseca has successfully placed in the last year have gone to Angola.Sàágua, too, can imagine a future for himself as a healthcare executive in Angola.The applicant has a lot to show for himself, including a degree in ergonomics and a doctorate in marketing management.

Make sure to check that they are taking the necessary steps to ensure that all translators are complying with the new rules, and that the terminology in your content will therefore be up to date.

He is their "career coach," which includes digging up about 1,000 potential employers from the company's database for each of his clients and fine-tuning their application documents.

An economist with contacts around the world, Fonseca dashes back and forth between the laptop on his desk and the conference room, printing out lists of contacts and abbreviated versions of the leading career advice books published abroad.

Von dort holte sie der SPIEGEL 1985 ins Auslandsressort.

Sie schreibt vor allem über Spanien, Portugal, Lateinamerika und Marokko, zwischen 20 als Korrespondentin aus Madrid. That's why António Sàágua, 45, a soon-to-be economic migrant, is sitting in the stark gray office of Ema Partners International on a sunny spring afternoon.


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